where or how do I get the source and the program to compile my kernel "just want to see how much damage I can cause to my system" is it with the distribution disk for redhat
when I was loading it it showed me that it was going to be installed but I havent seen it yet

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I installed RedHat 6.0 (2 CD-ROMs), and saw some notes that the source code was on the second CD-ROM.  But, it turns out that source code *was* copied from that first CD-ROM while I was installing Linux.  If you want to download it you can try, but it would be a rather large download.  The source is also available from numerous other sites.

The program used to compile the kernel is simply the GNU C compiler, it is typically invoked from the "make" command.

You may want to try the following commands to recompile the kernel:

# cd /usr/src/linux
# make clean
# make config   (or make menuconfig or make xconfig)
# make dep
# make bzImage

(This info. originally came from rwenzla@lc)

Best of luck to you!
The source is installed in /usr/src/linux directory. If it isn't there check for any srpm file on the CD. If that fails try linux*source*.rpm. Otherwise you can download the source from redhat.
There is an excellent HOWTO on recompiling th kernel. That should be in the /usr/docs directory.
The above two comments are correct.  However while you are doing the compile, on another terminal, reference the file "usr/src/linux/Documentation/" and search on the various configurations you don't understand.  There are hundreds of options and it may take 2-4 hours to set your options while doing the "make config" command.  The system uses a ".config" file in the directory "/usr/src/linux" to store the setup from the last compile.  You can back this file up before changing it.  Also, if you use modules with your kernel, (you probably do) you will also have to do a "make modules", and "make modules_install".  
Note:  Before recompiling your kernel, you should back up your kernel (in "/boot", probably called vmlinux-2.2.12-20 or some variation thereof.) and backup your kernel modules in "/modules".  Also you should have an alternate way of getting to your system such as an emergency boot or another linux system on the same machine so if your new kernel crashes, you can recover.

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