Fish pond oxygenator pump

On my last trip to Kyoto, I purchased a  koi pond oxygenator pump manufactured by the
Fushigi Kumo corporation. It’s the Ultra 7 model. When I got home, I tried the pump in
my kitchen sink and it worked just fine. But before I had a chance to put it in my
backyard pond, my young daughter got her hands on it , and somehow managed to
remove the access panel. She changed the polarity on one of more toggles of the dip
switch. It now reads (from left to right): ON ON OFF ON OFF OFF OFF OFF. The pump
hums, but it doesn’t make bubbles any more. I have no idea what the correct dip switch
configuration should be, and the manual doesn’t help. I couldn’t find a Web site for the
company either. Any ideas?
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Are there any markings on the circuit board that might indicate the switch's function(s)?

Can you see the foil side of the board?
If so,you'll probably find that not all eight of the switches are used.You could then try different combinations without wasting time on the unused switches.As it now stands you have 256 possible settings.
ottomatikAuthor Commented:
Thanks Whatboy! There's so many good links you found that I just decided to buy a new pump. They're pretty cheap.
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