Erased Partition

    I installed a hard drive in an old computer (AMD 80386) and when i started it up it reported that the other hard disk (D) was unreadable, thinking that i had not been ever installed i partitioned it (did not format it) and later found out that it had been OK and it had a lot of files on it. Now after cleaning it, the BIOS detected it, but it says that i does have a partition but it is not formatted. The files on it are very important.
     How can i recover them?
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Hate to tell you this but I think you lost your data. From my understanding at least once you partition you loose everything on the disk.
Could you please clarify what you did.  You mentioned "the other hard disk". Is that the original hard drive which was in the computer?  Was Windows 95 installed on "D", before you installed another hard drive?   Which drive did you FDISK?  What happens in DOS if you ask it to display the directory on either hard drive?
if u have information on the old partition (like guesses on the size, say) u can edit ur partition table and the dos boot sector so that u can *try* to reread ur hard disk....

i had this problem b4 and managed to recover most files...

but i don't get the 'BIOS detects it but sez it's not formatted' part...
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rdolivaAuthor Commented:
There were originally 2 hard drives on the PC and i replaced the second one to so i could back up some data. After backing up the data (which is fine) i replaced the cables to the second one and started the PC up. When i did this the second drive (D), was unreadable. I booted to MS-DOS and checked with FDISK which informed me that there simply wasn't any partition defined in the D drive so i created one. After rebooting i looked at some links that pointed to the second hard disk (at a D partition), so i guess there were some files on it. I tried Norton DiskEdit's Advaced Recovery Mode but it reported nothing. I left the drive alone and i don't know what can i try to solve this.

By the way, thank you very much for trying to help me.
urrr.... when was the last time u used ur D:?

if u remember parts of what was important (say for eg. mail) at the worst u can use diskedit, search for a text pattern (say for eg. "Received:") and then save the relevant sectors out...

if u remember how big the partition was, u can use diskedit to change the partition table and correct the dos boot record...

were there multiple partitions?

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rdolivaAuthor Commented:
Well, eventhough this comment is not the answer it pointed me towards it and helped me solve the problem. The solution i worked out was to repartition the drive and with Norton Disk Editor i used the Advanced recovery mode and created a virtual drive. Disk Editor rebuilt the disk structure and recorded it to the drive. After rebooting i used Norton Disk Doctor and finalized repairing the drive.
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