Can someone tell me the dis/advantages of celeron processors? Are there any advantages besides price?
I need to know how much workload they can handle vs pentium3 chips.

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ggilmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From everything I've heard Celeron is the way to go for most people. As far as power/$ it's the best advantage. Considerably cheaper than the PII and just as fast, if not faster. As far as comparint it to the PIII though, the PIII is more powerful. The Celeron should really be compared more with the PII than the PIII. If you are looking mainly for power and you are comparing PII and Celeron, no question: Celeron. However, if comparing PIII and Celeron, you really have to go with PIII. Costwise it's the Celeron but not powerwise in this case.
Kind of depends on your needs too. PIII has SIMD instruction set which will be used in some upcoming games. The SIMD instructions are supposed to be pretty cool.

Actually found a discussion about it here:
rdfAuthor Commented:
thanks for the info and the link

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