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I'm trying to install a HP Photosmart C200.  I do not have this option in my digital camera settings nor will my computer automatically detect it in the pull and plug.  It's like I need a driver.  I went to HP website and don't see one listed.  I've installed all the software that came with it when I bought from Gateway.  Help!!!  Where can I go to get a driver?
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Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
What kind of computer you are connected the digital camera to?
Pentium (R), 133 megahertz (MHz) required. Pentium II, 300 MHz for optimal performance.

Have you connected the digital camera to the serial port? Either Com 1 or Com 2.

Have you checked in the CMOS/BIOS of your computer whether you have disabled the Plug and Play function or you have disabled the com port for IRQ3 or IRQ4 etc?  Enabled them.
Go to the control panel, system, device manager, view by type, the HP PS c200 is detected or not.

Have you installed the C200 Photo Imaging Software in your computer Win98?

See following web-pages :
How to Transfer Photos from the Camera to the Computer
To check what ship in the box and any manuals or user guide has been missed or not.

Hello, if you have installed the photosmart imaging software, and have plugged your camera to a *FREE* comport, and verified all connections, there should be no problem.

Remember, photosmart digicams are twain devices. Be sure to properly and/or told your apps that you intend to use C200 as your TWAIN source. This is true if you have a scanner and/or other twain devices.

If you don't have a twain driver, get it from this link:

You can UNLOAD images from your CAMERA to your PC by way of using TWAIN capable apps, such as, HP's PHOTOSMART SOFTWARE, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, etc.

For further troubleshooting, please go to this URL:

If you have a specific question not contained in your original question, going to the ff URL will definitely wipe-clean your problems:

Below is a step by step instruction on how to UNLOAD images from C200 to your PC using a serial port.

HP PHS C200/C200Xi/C200CL


1) Connect your C200 Digital Camera to its AC Adapter (batteries drain quickly when connected to a PC).
2) Connect the camera to the PC with the provided serial cable, and turn on the camera by sliding the lens cover. The Status LCD will show the letters "PC".
3) Start the C200 Photo Imaging Software (an icon should have been created on the Desktop for you during the installation of the C200 software).
4) Click the "Unload Camera" icon to launch the acquisition software.
(HP C200 Camera Unload Software ready to unload)

To begin unloading, press Start

5) The "Initializing ..." message will appear
6) The camera unload software will display a progress bar and the thumbnail of the photo in process
Note: You can stop the unload process by pressing "Cancel"
7) When all the images have completed transfer, you will receive the Finished message window, which also includes the system location of the stored images.


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Unless you have a broken camera or defective serial ports and/or cables, in which case, the corresponding manufacturer's warranty/support contact comes in.
Thank you and it's good to know I was able to be of help.
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