CPU Compilation (Alpha, MIPS, PPC)?

Hi Experts,
I'm really helpless. Is there a way of compiling a program for a different CPU than I386? I mean, everything you make in Delphi is I386 but what if you want the same product of Alpha or something? Please, tell me. This is serious.
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The Delphi compiler only generates Intel PE executables. This means that Delphi applications will only run on Windows / Intel machines. Even if you have Windows NT running on PPC, a Delphi application will not run on that machine.

In that case, you'll need to write your application in a language that has a compiler that can generate executables for other machines, but even that will require you to compile the file inthe other machine (there are no compilers that allow you to compile a program for different CPU platforms. The only exception is Visual Studio, which generates code for WinCE machines).

Even when Delphi for Linux is released, it's possible that the linux compiler will only generate x86 excutables (a.out format).

If you're looking for multi-platform development, I suggest you use the good'n'old Pascal, for there are plenty of compilers for other platforms, or C (ANSI C), for the same reasons.

Unfortunatly (and I also would like it to be different) if you are using Delphi, you are limited to Wintel platforms.




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Delphi applications can run on Alpha system when using FX!32. Alpha systems with FX!32 and NT can convert Intel code at runtime and get more and optimsed after each run.
It's really incredible how FX!32 works. The first time you run some app it works slow. The second time it works much faster.
jakubklosAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys for both of your answers.
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