Image boxes (send to back, bring to front, etc)

I have two image boxes on a form. Both have '0' in the index property. One of the boxes is behind the other (by this I mean I have right clicked on it and clicked 'send to back' at design time). At runtime, I load new instances of both image boxes, but the instances of the box at the front are behind those of the other. Why is this? Can the order be changed at run time. The new image boxes of the 'in front' variety are created last.
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Create the "behind" ones first.

Image1.ZOrder 0
will bring the control to the front.
Image1.ZOrder 1
will send the control to the back.
I may have those values backwards, but in any case, you may want to look up "ZOrder" in the help file.

Use the Zorder method to bring a control to front:

Private Sub Form_Load()
    picFront(0).ZOrder 0 'bring to front
    'Load 2 new boxes and make visible
    Load picFront(1)
    Load picBack(1)
    picFront(1).Visible = True
    picBack(1).Visible = True
    'Reposition the pic boxes
    picFront(1).Move picFront(0).Left, 0
    picBack(1).Move picBack(0).Left, 0
    'Bring this one to front
    picFront(1).ZOrder 0
End Sub

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