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A question:
How to use something like this using not the font color but the font-family??

<SELECT NAME="FontColor">
<OPTION VALUE="Aqua" style="color: Aqua;">Aqua</OPTION>
<OPTION VALUE="Black" style="color: Black;">Black</OPTION>
<OPTION VALUE="Blue" style="color: Blue;">Blue</OPTION>

Here the option value changes to the color set in the style value!

I want to use something like:
<OPTION VALUE="Arial" style="family: Arial;">Arial</OPTION>

I tried this but I would not work??

Can someone help me??

greetings Michel
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If it is possible (and I am not sure it is), what you would need is:

<option value="Blue"><font color="Blue">Blue</font></option>
<option value="Arial"><font face="Arial">Arial</font></option>

Give that a try.

If your style coding above worked, you might also try:

<option value="Arial" style="font-family:Arial"> or "font-face:Arial"  (sorry, I don't remember which syntax is right)

As I said, I am not sure you can do this in any case as part of a select statement.

mmcwAuthor Commented:
Your first answer is not what I need. In my question I already say that that works fine. Your second answer does not work!!
But that is also what I say in my question
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try using this:

<select size="1" name="D1" style="font-family: Arial">

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BTW, change the name "D1" to your options box name "FontColor"...
mmcwAuthor Commented:
That is not what I want!
I want something like this:

<OPTION VALUE="Arial" style="family: Arial;">Arial</OPTION>
<OPTION VALUE="Courier" style="family: Courier;">Courier</OPTION>
<OPTION VALUE="Comic Sans SM" style="family: Comic Sans SM;">Comic Sans SM</OPTION>

The font style of each option has to change and not for ALL!

As I said in my initial comment, I think the answer to your question is, "You cannot do this".

I assumed from your initial question that the code you specified for changing colors worked (and I indicated this).  I tried it, and it does.  My initial suggestion regarding the color was in case your code was NOT working.

What I initially suggested with regard to the font was that the syntax you were using for the font family was not correct.  The correct syntax is "font-family".  However, that does not seem to work in this instance.


Yep.  Sorry but TTom is correct if that is what you want.  This is an all or none deal...
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