System 7.5.5 Emergency Disk

How do you create an emergency disk for System 7.5.5? System 7.5.3 Disk Tools (either 1 or 2) run into a trap (with extensions off) and can not boot the system.  I tried a few ways of creating an emergency boot disk (so I can put HD repair utility on it) to no avail.

This is on a Powerbook 150 with no CD-ROM.

Thank you for your help.

Arif Oguz
Bolingbrook, IL
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Depending on how much ram you have installed, you can go into the "Memory" control panel and turn on the Ram Disk option.  Alocate at least 10MB of ram to the ram disk and reboot.  The Ram disk should show up on your desktop. You can then install  the core system components on to the ram disk along with Disk First Aid, by choosing custom install from you system 7.5.3 system installer application.  Once you have installed the core 7.5.3 system onto the ram disk, then install the 7.5.5 update. I think you'll have to choose custom install, then select the core system option in the 7.5.5 installer application as well.  Also, be sure to choose the correct disk to insatall to.  You may have to increase the amount of memory allocated to the ram disk to get the core system components to fit. Then, in the "Start-up Disk" control pannel, choose the ram disk as your start-up disk and reboot. I have repaired many systems this way.  If you have enough ram to complete this operation, be sure to copy the ram disk to your hard drive when you are finished so you can eaisily preform this set up in the futureby creating the ram disk and copying the contents of the old ram disk to the new one.  Good luck!

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arifoguzAuthor Commented:
Makes total sense. Never thought to think in terms of the RAM disk, was totally trapped into thinking of booting off of a floppy with a "minimized" system.  Will try this right away.
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