Rockwell V.90 56 flex PCI modem installation--

I'm trying to install this modem on a windows 98 system.The problem that I'm having is that it always installs the drivers on COM3.I have deleted the modem driver repeatedly and re-installed selecting COM port 2.But, somehow,98 keeps detecting the modem on com3 and installing the driver there.I have checked the modem for jumpers but there are none to change.It's as if this modem was only designed to work on com3.Any tips?
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OttaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your motherboard has built-in COM1 and COM2 ports, so that devices like a serial-port mouse or an external modem can be connected.

If you are using a PS/2-port mouse,
or a USB-port mouse, then enter BIOS-setup, and "disable" either/both of the COMx ports.

Within Windows' "Control Panel",
remove the same COMx port,
and remove the modem.

Shutdown, and reboot, and Windows will install the modem on the first "unused" COMx port, namely COM1 or COM2.
wturner1Author Commented:
That did it .Problem fixed!
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