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how can I make a splitter form , I'm looking for an ActiveX Control that is also a container that will do the work or any other suggestion (beside the VB Wizard that capture the MouseDown and MouseMove  Events).
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mmipsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
'********************* RESIZER CONTROL

The following is from the comments section of a user control that I found quite usefull. It requires no coding to operate just drop it on a form and add the other controls to it that you want to split. It has worked flawlessly so far..

'Created by Tincani Andrea                                  26-4-1999
'Update 1.2.0
'Find more FREE Source Code at

'IMPORTANT: You must include in the Controls the Windows Common Controls
'because my control uses some data types defined in the MsComCtlLib!!!

'Feel free to mail at tincani.andrea@hotbot.com for any explanation, question
'or bug report about this control...
you can use the splitter in VB6 .
shaharhAuthor Commented:
what spliter ?
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