Is front page the way to go ?

I am looking for new software for editing my home page. I am currently using an old version approx 5 years old of Web Designer by Corel.

Is Front page the editor to use or are there better ones out there.?

Thanks in advanve
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Paul RiskoCommented:
I use FrontPage2000. You can do alot with DHTML and Java Applets. If you buy Frontpage, try to buy it alone(i think you can order just FP2000 alone dir. from Microsoft for $70...They also have a 90 day trial disk you can get from their cost $6.95 I think). The trial disc comes with some more themes. I bought FP at a retail store and it comes with a picture eiditor that is worthless. For the price I like it. If I had the money I would get DreamWeaver. Sweet Java scripting. To bad the newest version cost $399 Then look for a link to DreamWeaver. HotMetal is a even cheaper than FrontPage. But I've never used HotMetal.

Hope I helped.

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Paul RiskoCommented:
Oh yeah,
    One other advantage to FrontPage2000 is how it works with MS Access. So if your gonna do databases Access is a good pair with FP2000.
Paul RiskoCommented:
Oh yeah again,                         One BIG downfall to FrontPage 2000 is you cann't publish to Unix. Only NT.

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Is a realy an advantage to work with Access? I believe there are many better ways to communicate with database than FP doe´s it. For example using Perl is much faster.
the problem with perl, is that YES, the small filesize of such a powerful little program seems advantageous, UNTIL YOUR SITE GETS REALLY BUSY...
then it's a nightmare, because you have to run one instance of that Perl script for EACH user connection to your website...
this is a system resource HOG if you have a couple hundred people at a time on your site...

The advantage of M$ technology is that you can grow to almost unlimited proportions, and there is always a solution other than building a mainframe supercomputer...

..dll's are nifty little buggers that only have to be running in one instance to empower your website with mucho functionality...and SQL is tits when it comes to streamlining a maxed-out access database...
seriously, though, the Access jet 4.0 engine rocks...I think it will stand up to 25-30 concurrent connections..that is to say 25-30 SIMULTANEOUS form button clicks/queries...

You'd be a millionaire if you had that many people SIMULTANEOUSLY ordering products, etc...

try to imageine if Amazon, for instance, ran there site in a nifty little 50kb .pl program...
...with over 20,000 unique visitors per hour....imagine how much RAM you'd need...

Hope this helps...

M$ may be money hungry, but they make it easy tomake a buck yourself, and give you the capacity to G R  O  W.

Paul RiskoCommented:
This is a question for Steve. I checked out the Sitesee-er web page. NICE. I HAVE TO KNOW HOW YOU DID THE SCROLLING TEXT (down and the bottom of your web browser...where it usually says the IP address then just the domain name)? Sweet!

This goes in the <head></head>(change your string to say whatever..:

<!--Begin Status Line Typewrite Script-->
<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
var scrlStr="......Awesome WebSites    @    Affordable Prices  !!!!!!!.........Web-Design..........Web-Vertising..........Banner-Ads..........WebSite-Maintenance..........WebSite-Hosting........."
var width=100;
var strLen=scrlStr.length;
var pos=1-width;                
    function type(){
    var type = "";                
       for(var i=1;i<=Math.abs(pos);i++)
<!--End Status Line Typewrite Script-->

Then, where the body tag starts, put this:
<body onload="type(); return true"

You'd be surprised how many people HATE status bar scrollers..cause they can't see which page the link points to, unless they click it... :>)
I kinda LIKE it for the same reason...

Paul RiskoCommented:

I think I like it because it got my attention. I spend endless hours building and look at web sites. It all becomes a blur after a while. Thanks again.


For SiteSee

Yeep I agree with you. But if a web site gets lot travel, I think it should be no problem to use a more powerfull machine. The probleme using Frontpage is that they are optimize for NT not for Unix systems. And I believe you know the problems with NT servers and the advantages of Unix. Also you have a great archiv of help if you are using perl.
Please, I'd like to hear about the so-called advantages of using a Unix server...
As I see it, there is no advantage to using a Unix server...unless you're hosting websites for a fact, if you're a small-business looking to host your own website, and have all the functionality of a large corporation..there is NO better way to go than with M$ technology...Cheap, Easy to Learn, and Powerful...

Yes Unix/Linux is much less resource hungry, but I like using the newest technologies and they require resources...big deal...

You don't get many flavors with Unix...and not much easy-to-understand documentation on it either...
(I bought Sam's Teach Yourself Unix in 24 hours or less)...YUK!..What I learned in 24hours or less was that Unix was NOT for me...or ANY of my clients...


To SiteSee

If Microsoft is so powerfull, please how could it be that you by a expensive product like NT Server and that you are forced to install Service Packs to keep the software alive? How could it be that you change one single think and you have to reboot whole system? How could it be that there is no(!) security thinking.

How could it be that a PDC is getting slower by using him as an login server for NT clients (more than 40 clients). And Linux/ Samba is still faster than him.

So the main advantages are fast, security and clear structure.

If you like to use new technologie than I wonder that you are a fan of MS.
Like I said..I agree with you on speed and efficiency...but WHY would anybody use their PDC to host a website anyway?!?

Every service pack since 4 has been an ass-kickin' dlls, etc.. that do great new things...

as far as security goes, I'd put an NT Raptor or Checkpoint for NT firewall against 90% of the hackers in the world...and the other 10% are only going after SERIOUS e-commerce...where the money is BIG in 10 seconds or less of spoofing IP's and then moving to another country...
and for the 10%..if they DO want to target my business... they might get a nasty Perl script that starts creating new partitions on their hardrive exponentially..or something...if you're creative enough...

I'm outta' here, I'm NOT on trial here, and certainly not by YOU.
Well lets see ...on that Unix comment above. I'm wondering why UUnet, Earthlink, Mindspring and ALL of the other major web hosts consider it a downgrade to go to NT. Unix is by far a more powerful and definately more stable platform, not to mention that it supports pratically any hardware available on the market. It multi-tasks at a phenominal rate compared to NT with much less resource consumption. Because you dont understand something doesnt mean it not  better. Ask 90% of large corporations what platform they are on, NT wont be in the forefront trust me.

OK onto Frontpage. FP is definately nice to use as far as the learning curve involved, you can kick out nice pages in a big hurry, faster than any other tool set I have tried. Unfortunately if your web host wont provide you will FP extensions on their server then compatibility drops rapidly and many features you build in may or may NOT work (Microsoft still hasnt complied a list of features not supported without extensions...but you will learn quickly which ones they are!).

Still ...for fast fun pages its not bad !
The reason any major hosting company uses UNIX...and I said it's clearly better for because of the reduced amount of support necessary, and because they can host more sites from a UNIX box because of it's bandwidth efficiency....
I'd take that bet as to 90% of large corporations using UNIX......but actually I said...if you're a SMALL-BUSINESS...there is no better way to go...
Because you don't read comments well enough, and because you think you know everything, you've quite possibly made it more difficult for the ASKER of the question...

mrwebmasterAuthor Commented:
As for  UNIX I will give you my 2 cents. I know nothing about it, my Internet provider is using it, and I do not know how to program perl, I can understand the scripts better than visual basic.

Every one has there favorite operating system, I wish I could get one down pat!!!!!!!!

I am not a programer, or a computer tech. Just a little fellow trying to maintain a web page for a hobby. With all the big sites out there I am sure I will get ate up soon. But it is fun, and the professional who get in these kind of FRIENDLY arguments answer a lot of questions for us novices and I

Thank you.
Mr Steve
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