DAO/Jet Database problem


  i wrote a program which uses DAO to access an Access database (.mdb).
 it works fine on my computer, but refuses to run on another computer with a fresh installation of WinNT 4. i get the error message "Can not initialize DAO/Jet databasemode" (in german: "Initialisierung des DAO/Jet Datenbankmodus nicht möglich").

 what do i have to do to get it running on all computers? which files do i have to copy to the system?

 thanks, Markus
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Did you install the DAO package? There's a folder named 'redist' on the VC++ CDOM where you can find the setup program, which is 'redistributable', i.e. MS allows to ship that with your application...
MarkusStAuthor Commented:
hi jkr,

 thanks for the fast answer. i just had the msvcrt.dll and mfc42.dll copied with the program. i didn't know i have to install the database drivers seperately.

anyway.. i found 2 "redist" directories, one in \DAOSDK and the other one in \VC98. i ran the setup program in the \DAOSDK\REDIST directory.. it copied some dll files and my program seems to work fine now. however, during installation it said that odbc32.dll is missing. is it enough if i just copy odbc32.dll from the \OS\SYSTEM directory to the computers, or is there some other setup program i have to run?

INFO: Redistributing DAO Components with DAO Apps

HOWTO: Redistributing DAO with Your Visual C++ 5.0 Application

Redistributing Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Applications
>>i found 2 "redist" directories, one in \DAOSDK and the
>>other one in \VC98.

It's the latter one - there's also a 'redistrib.wri' that describes what files are needed... Being at home, I have no VC++ here, so I can't tell you the exact path. But the links chensu postd should also give a good guidance...

PS: Gruß aus dem Schwabenland ;-)

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