Help I need my Win 98 code???

Hello, I'm on Win 98, I upgraded from 95.  I need the code that u type in when you first instale the upgrade.  I have my cd but I can't find that code.  Is there a way to find it on my computer so I can just write it down.  If someone could help me that would be great.  Thankyou.  
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rayt333Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you already have it installed and working?
Or are you needing the Registration number to complete the install?

If you already have it installed and you just need the number for future installs then go here and copy it down:
Then look at the product key, that is the number you need.

If this has not been installed on your system yet then you will need to call Microsoft to get a replacement number
THERICKAuthor Commented:
Thank you, I just needed it incase I crash my pc and I need to reinstale.
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