Call a form within an image map?

I have a graphic.  I want users to be able to click on various image maps on the graphic which call up a form.

I want to use standard HTML, no java (unless absolutely necessary) -- to make it as compatible with as many browsers as possible.

Rowby GorenAsked:
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So, when you click on the images map, it is going to call the page which has the form???
Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:
No, I want it the button to contain all of the form information that is usually found in a submit button.  I'm posting to a cgi script. (it's for a shopping cart I'm creating.)

I guess the scenereo is somewhat like the following:

People see one big image of an *assortment* of toys.  They click on the toy they want to purchase, and they area taken to the checkout section of a shopping cart.

To repeat: The image map calls up the cgi program (using the standard form peramaters) and are taken to the checkout.  

I assume this can be done.  Right?  Again, I don't want to take them to another page where they then push the form button.  


As long as you're not passing sensitive information how about just passing the parameters as an URL encoded string via the HREF? That's all a form with the get method does anyway.

<AREA HREF="¶m2=price">
To avoid the query string, another way would be to have the forms on the page with hidden fields and then submit the relevant form with javascript.
Something like this:

<script language=JavaScript>
 function buyToy (formName) {

<form name=teddy method=post>
 <input type=hidden name=toy value=bigTed>

<area href="javascript:goForm('teddy')">

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The javascript function in the <area> tab should obviously been 'buyToy()'...

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