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O.K., I've got Red Hat 5.2 and I've read many many HOW TO's and mini HOW TO's in regards to Running Win95b and Linux.  Win95b is currently running on my Intel 233.  I don't suffer the regret of FAT32 so that's not an issue.  Now I'm dealin w/ the 1024 Cyl. issue.  Various HOW TO's state the 1024 is at the  520MB or so mark and so I backed up the Pri partion(C:) and got rid of stuff i can live w/ out till i get the Linux Partitions done,  The HD is 6.4G BTW.  So, now i've got under 400M of used space on the HD.  There is only 1 partition on the HD at 2047M(PRI DOS).  I used FIPS and it says that 1049M is still in use and so i aborted.  Also, I noticed that inside FIPS that the new partition would start at the 133 cylinder.  What's that all about?  I thought 133(up to 1024) is ok for the Kernal.  Maybe i'm just totally confussed.  BTW, w/ todays Linux filesystem in mind how much space should i allocate to the /root partition w/ upgrading in mind?  

I really dont want to go through the hassle of totally re-partitioning and reloading Winbloze so, any input is appreciated.

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You don't say which version of fips you are using.  Ver 2 (I think) is better able to deal with FAT 32, if it applies in your case.

Before you can use fips you must DEFRAG your drive and then run SCANDISK.

Create a boot floppy and copy SCANDISK.EXE, FIPS.EXE, RESTORRB.EXE and FDISK.EXE.  You need to include config.sys and autoexec.bat so that HIMEM.SYS loads and scandisk will run.

The sequence is this....

1.  Defrag your drive.
3.  Boot from the floppy and run FIPS
4.  FIPS can sometimes get confused with errors within the FAT, so read the message and act accordingly.  (It is normal with large drives).
5.  By default FIPS will allocate approximately 2/3 of the available space for itself but this can be adjusted.  A full Red-Hat installation requires between 600Mb and 1.4Gb.
6.  Using the up/down arrows you can change the space size in 10 cylinder chunks.
7.  Press Enter.
8.  FIPS will now ask permission to write to the disk.
9.  Say YES.
10.  Accept the BACKUP BOOT SECTOR option.
11.  When FIPS is finished it will sometimes generate a message saying 'MEMORY ALLOCATION ERROR UNABLE TO LOAD COMMAND.COM.
12.  Press Ctrl-Alt-Del and re-boot the computer....and every thing in the garden will be rosy.
13.  Run FDISK and delete the second partition (Not the first which is where windows is).
14.  Install LINUX.

Please note that if it all goes wrong you can easily run RESTORRB.EXE and restore your old partition details, but ensure that you run SCANDISK immediately afterwards.

Hope this goes some way to answer your questions.

If this does not work can I suggest using fdisk (As opposed to FDISK which is a DOS facility).  If you need assistance with fdisk please ask.

Steve Penny

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