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I have a Lexmark 3200 printer (got it from my dad for Christmas last year).  Well, I was using Win 98 until recently (being that most of the apps I use are only compatible for Win) when I switched to Linux Mandrake Deluxe 6.5.  Well... to put this short: there is not a driver (to my knowledge) for my printer for Linux OR a pre-installed driver that will work w/ my printer... can any1 help?
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ResonanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, if it's a parallel port printer, what you probably need is a filter, not a driver per se.  However, I don't know of any specific filters for the Lexmark, either.  Does it have a compatability mode with other printers?  PCL compatability at some level is fairly common.  That would allow you to use one of the HP laserjet filters.
licitAuthor Commented:
Well... Lexmark does not "support" Linux.  So my belief is that the compatibility islimited... but you are right... I will look at the HP filters.
Good news!  I've found something very interesting...

Despite Lexmark's stubborn refusal to release specs on their printers, a clever group of people has managed to reverse-engineer enough to start making drivers.  The driver for the 3200 isn't complete yet, I think, but it's well worth watching for.

The web page detailing this is at:
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