Running a DOS app in win 98

A friend has a DOS app that runs fine in win98 until he tries to exit the program.  The program locks up win98 completely when he tries to exit.  He needs to shut the PC off and reboot in order release the program.  Are there any DOS required parameters he may need to be set to avoid this from happening?  
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Have him right click on the program icon and choose properties. Now click on the program tab. Now check the box for "Close on exit". He may have to adjust a few other parameters as well, but this should resolve it.

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What program is it??
Is it a game that reads/writes to video memory or an EMS page frame directly? Does it use the DOS4GW DOS extender?

Does the system crash if the DOS app is run full-screen instead of in a window?

Does the system crash if run in MS-DOS mode?

If not then you'll have to tinker extensively with the PIF file parameters as demonstrated in the answer above. You might get it working.

I sympathise with this situation; I spent many happy hours trying to get the "Verses" demo running in a DOS full-screen session but no joy... I resigned myself to only running the program from MS-DOS mode. A poor answer, to be sure, but we all have limited time and patience!
Can you tell us about your system configuration? I mean motherboard, CPU and it's speed, video card, soundcard, game controller/s, etc?

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