SupraMax For Windows

Is there a way to get this modem to work on Win NT5.0?  If so, please let me know.
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whitewolf1969Author Commented:
I'm not satified with a "NO" answer.  If the answer is honestly no, then there should be a reason behind why the SupraMax modem for windows will not work.  There are other winmodems that do work with Win NT5.0, just unfortnately the one I have, I'm unable to get the right drivers or configurations correct.  Plus, for the simple fact, it works for NT4.0.
Eazy SupraMax is not the same as the other Board.
This be well know problem with Diamond Products.
Here a good e of what I'am talk about. CL Voodoo2 & other ver Diamond Voodoo2, The 3dfx reference drivers work with all Voodoo2 but not Diamond Voodoo2 under Win2K but same poeple have got lucky with there Diamond Voodoo2 & the 3dfx reference drivers.
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The Diamond SupraMAX series is what is called a "WinModem".  This means that the drivers for the modem actually form a part of the functionality of the modem.  Without the drivers, the device is useless.  This is in contrast to "real" modems where there is a hardware serial port on board and a fully independent modem.  These work implicitly on any system since it just sees a standard serial port and can talk via the Hayes compatible "AT" command set.

There is nothing stopping you from using a SupraMax on NT except for Diamond's decision NOT to provide NT drivers for this product line.  Since the drivers provide much of the functionality for the modem itself, without NT specific drivers, there is no possibility of using this modem on an NT system.  Diamond has a dismal track record with NT and I'd never recommend buying their products unless you are satisfied with their driver support at the time of purchase.

You only solution here is to get another modem that has NT support from it's manufacturer.

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BTW, in my answer above, when I'm talking about NT, I mean Win2K.  The SupraMAX does work with NT4 but the drivers are not compatible with 2000.
jhance the drivers are buildin for this Software Modem aka "Rockwell HCF 56K PCI" but they don't work with Diamond SupraMAX
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