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Playing with children's Dell 486/66 and probably caused usual mayhem!  Had upgraded to 8x CD player a month ago, always a bit tempremental (the CD not me) but last night accidently deleted through Add/Remove, TewakUI. Now, and probably totally unrelated, CD has given up the ghost.  Device Manager sees it okay as Toshiba and power supply ok.  But, nothing will read off it and although CD start up light powers up, nothing further.  Explorer shows D:\ as not accesible and The device is not ready.
Refastened cables, tightened everything I can reach internally and no luck.
Reason for mentioning TweakUI above is that I've convinced myself that the last thing I was looking at before causing the problem was the CD section in Tweak and Autorun.  
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chewymonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
CD drives sometimes fail without warning.  Put a CD in, carefully aligning something on the top to a point on the tray.  Try and access it.  Open the ray and see if the CD had moved.  If it hasn't, the drive is probably toast.  A new one runs about $65.
ab9758Author Commented:
Edited text of question.
Have you made an emergency disk? with CD support?  If you have, try booting from the emergency disk and accessing d:. If this does not work, you probably have a toasted CD.
ab9758Author Commented:
Sometimes the obvious is the answer!  Eventually surendered and swapped CD unit from retailer.  Worked first time and back to normal.  Hate it when it's faulty hardware.  Can play and tweak software for hours and feel rewarded.  A broken unit seemed too simple.
Anyway, many thanks and points awarded
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