Read email by a script !


Is there a away, a script, can read my emil message and store them in a file and then I can open this file from a Web page, so if I am away from my machine I can read my old+new email messages from this file. I don't know if that possible. Thanks

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oualideAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Where do you get your email messages from?  From a file?  From a POP3 server?  From SMTP?
In what language would the script be written?
Would you need to prevent others from reading your mail?
oualideAuthor Commented:
From pop3 server.
It doesn't matter but Perl is perferable.
I can hide it in my Web server. I mean no link and I put it under a proteted dir which I usualy access by a username + password.

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#you could
use Mail::POP3Client;
use Net::POP3;
oualideAuthor Commented:
How difficult ?

Will I have control over the my email messages. I mean every time you run the script, can you read only new messages.

Is there an alternative to this approach ?



You can open a connection to your own, or any other pop3 mail server by opening a connection to it using port 110 (the pop3) port and the name of the host.

The commands that you need are then:
user <user-name>
pass <password>
stat - shows what is waiting
retr n - gets message number n
dele n - deletes message n
quit - closes the connection

If you use telnet to your mail server you can test all this and see what your perl needs to do.  I have a script that I use to do exactly what you want, I use it so that I can collect eMail from multiple pop3 boxes and access it from any web-browser.  This way when I am on the road I just get to anyone's browser and check my mail.

Sadly, there is more in the script than I want to give you for somewhat obvious reasons.  But feel free to ask anything that is not clear here.

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oualideAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the help butcan you show me a little example in per how to connect and read. I have not seen this anywhere before.
I use perl sometimes anh have books but tis never mentioned.
Thanks agian

This works, to show how many messages are waiting:

use IO::Socket;
$EOL = "\015\012";
$BLANK = $EOL x 2;

    $remote = IO::Socket::INET->new( Proto     => "tcp",
                                     PeerAddr  => $host,
                                     PeerPort  => "pop3(25)",
    unless ($remote) { die "cannot connect to http daemon on $host" }
    print $remote "user yourusername" . $EOL;
    print $remote "pass yourpw" . $EOL;
    print $remote "stat" . $EOL;
    print $remote "quit" . $EOL;
    while ( <$remote> ) { print;

    close $remote;
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