How Can I install from my Desktop in Windows 98?

Several times I have downloaded updatedDAT files from McAfee for the McAfee Virus Scan 3.1.6. Virus Definition 3.0.3209 on a scan engine that is 3.1.6. I have been trying to unstall a 3211 update. When I doubleclick on the Icon, I get a message that there is not enough Disk space even though I have cleared the Temp. files on my C drive and it is indicated that I have 80% clear space?
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thats your first indication that those virus scans are a pain in the rumpus.
there is no need for those 3rd party programs.
if so, microsoft would have included them in win98 like they did in win 3.1.
good luck.
I am not sure what kjanx means by "there is no need for those 3rd party programs"

At any rate, I had the same problem, so I did this:

start->settings->control panel->add/remove programs->uninstall mcafee

after doing so .. go to my computer->c: drive-> program files-> and delete the mcafee folder.  

Reboot computer, reinstall mcafee and try to update again.  Worked for me like a champ.  Hope it does for you.

SisieQAuthor Commented:
Okay. it sounds good, but after I uninstall McAfee, how do I install it again?
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SisieQAuthor Commented:
I mean, where does it go, and where do I find it to install it again? It came installed in my computer when I ordered it, and it is not a program I installed myself, nor do I have a computer disk to use ti install it again. Does it appear somewhere where I can access it to re-install it?
That I cannot answer for you.  I was under the assumption you had a mcafee cd to reinstall the software.  If you do not, there is no way that I know of you can re-install it.  If it came pre-loaded, I would imagine your computer manufacturer is responsible for providing some kind of recovery disk (cd) to reinstall the mcafee program.  You might need to contact them to ask for such a cd in order to reinstall mcafee from it ... otherwise double check to see if a mcafee cd came with all the other cds that came with your computer.
Sisie, try it manually rather than using the uninstaller.

1. Download the latest DAT files or use the ones you want for a replacement.

2. You will need to unzip the DAT files. Using your unzipping software, unzip (extract) the DAT files into the related directory, based on the product you have:

Windows 95/98:
C:\Program Files\McAfee\VirusScan

(it may also be here:
C:\Program Files\NetworkAssociates\Mcafee\VirusScan)

3. Once the files are copied, reboot the computer for the changes to take effect.
If you do not have any unzipping software, follow the rest of the instructions below.
Using your WWW browser, go to the WinZIP homepage.

Click on "Download Evaluation Version".

Click on the link that matches -your operating system- to download the software (for example, Win95 or Win3x). You may have to scroll down to see this part of the page.

When prompted, choose to 'Save to Disk' and not 'Open' the file. --REMEMBER THE DIRECTORY YOU DOWNLOAD THE FILE TO-- this is the program that you need to run to install WinZIP. When the file is finished downloading, you can disconnect from your on-line service provider.

Find the WinZIP file that you just downloaded to your hard drive (using Windows Explorer or File Manager). Double-click on the file to begin the program installation. You can usually accept the default options during install.

When prompted, choose the "WinZIP Classic" interface. You may want to use the WinZIP Wizard interface for future downloads, but our example below does not cover this option.

Using your Windows Explorer or File Manager, locate the DAT file you recently downloaded. When you locate the file, double-click on the file name.

Winzip will automatically open. At the top of the Winzip window, click the "Extract" icon. Winzip will open its "Extract" dialog box. Choose the directory in which to extract the files based on the following:
If you used the default installation for your program, the directory will be one of the following:

Windows95\98: C:\Program Files\McAfee\VirusScan

Newer versions use the directory C:\Program Files\Network Associates . . .

When you extract the DAT files you will be prompted if you would like to overwrite the DAT file that are already in that folder. Select "Yes". If you are not asked if you want to overwrite files, you may not be updating the correct location. Search your hard drive for the correct location of these files.

Reboot your computer and use the Help | About feature to check the date on the DAT files. The date under the Virus Signatures section should correspond with the DAT file update.


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I don't think you can manually download the dat files and unzip them (like you used to be able to).  The dat files come in a packager program (an update program) that extracts/unpackages the program and then does an auto-install.  Ex.. on mcafee website, only files that can be downloaded are *.exe (current file is 3211updt.exe).  If the dat files COULD be unzipped, would make solving this problem much easier :)  This packager program is what tends to cause the error "out of disk space"
Kevin, the data posted above is right from McAfee. If you have an unzip program installed, then you can use Windows Explorer and drag and drop the folder to a temp and you should get the query whther or not to unzip the files.
SisieQAuthor Commented:
I appreciate everyone's participation in the above issue, but, alas, nothing has worked. Yesterday I contacted Dell, again, and after staying on the phone with the technician and trying a myriad of procedures he came up with,I still cannot update my Mcafee Virus files. After uninstalling and re-installing Mcafee a few times, and of course I forgot to backup the files I had updated during the past year, I am now back to only what I had when they installed the Virus scan on my computer when I bought it. I plan on eventually going out and buying a Norton's virus program, because I understand they are easier to manage for a novice like me. My only hope is that my system will allow me to update and install those files without a message appearing telling me that I don't have any room on a system that is 80% clear. I would appreciate any feedback anyone has on what recourse I have now, if anything, besides or including buying a Norton's. Can anyone advise me?
SisieQAuthor Commented:
Is it possible that if I hold out for a while, the Web site will very soon have their Virus files update site working and I can try to update my files from there? Also, I still have an Icon on my desktop called 3211 update that when I go to put it in the Recycle bin it refuses to remove it, It says "access denied", What gives here?
Sisie, we are told that they are working on the website, so it is possible that it could be up and running shortly.

On the desktop icon, slide the icon down to the lowest portion of your screen. Now open windows explorer and create a temporary folder, then slide the icon into it to get it off the desktop.

Now right click on that item and click properties. Uncheck all of the attributes and then delete it.
SisieQAuthor Commented:
Great, it worked! I am going to file this response in my keeper file.
<Grin>, glad it worked for you Sisie!
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