Adding 2nd IDE controller.

I have a computer that has 2 cd-roms and 2 hard drives.  I was wanting to add a ZIP drive so I purchased an ISA IDE controller.  I set the jumpers for it to be a PRIMARY controller and inserted into a slot.  It isn't detected.  Is this what i should be doing and what could be causing it to not be detected??
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I don't know if there is a way to manage more than 2 IDE channels. (Problems with free interrupts, DMA channels, OS will not find it,...) And I don't think that a ISA port is able to manage concurrent interrupts. Therefor you need a PCI controller. If you need such many peripherals use a SCSI controller and a SCSI ZIP. If you want only to connect a ZIP connect it via the parallel port.
In some cases it is possible to add a 3rd IDE controller to your system but the board you add MUST support being located at that place.  Most of the ones you see are configurable to either PRIMARY or SECONDARY but this is not adequate for your purposes.  You already have a primary and secondard IDE controller on your system.

Check the documentation for the board you bought and see if it supports being a 3rd IDE (sometimes called CUSTOM or ALTERNATE) channel.  If not, return it and find one that does.

I'll agree with rbr here that you might want to consider SCSI as an alternative to 3 IDE controllers.  I don't like the parallel port ZIP drives at all since they are incredibly slow and never work right with a printer on the port.  The new USB interface drives are quite handy if you have a USB port and are running Win98.

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