Fatal Exception Error Persists

Working on a WIN95 computer where user was attempting to install Quicken2000.  Installation was halted because of hard drive space shortage.  Customer claimed she removed Quicken from Add/Remove Programs and rebooted. WIN loads normally but stops while loading applications and produces Fatal Exception Error 014F:BFF9A07C after two icons appear. Bad application is not unloaded by "pressing a key" and same error persists.  Task Manager shows only Norton AV and Explorer loaded.  Tried starting in Safe Mode, same result.  Reinstalled WIN95 twice, no improvement.  Looked at bootlog.txt and found only one load failure: netapi.dll during bootup.  

Any advice on how to determine what application is causing problem or how to keep WIN95 from loading that application?  Should I try to access the startup folder from DOS in order to remove applications one-by-one to determine offender (unless it's in the registry startups) since the problem appears to happen during the applications loading process. Any other thoughts?
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Sometimes suspecting hardware may resolve your prolbems.  If you have additional resource to RAM and CPU, try to replace them and run your windows again.  Who knows, your problem could be either bad RAM or CPU or even your Motherboard.  Just a though.
bobengelAuthor Commented:
CyberNerd: I would agree except that eveything was working fine until the user (not me) tried to install additonal software.  It would be a coincidence if hardware were to simultaneously fail at that instant.  I have to assume it has something to do with a corrupted file in software at this time.  
This may not solve your install problem but it should return your system to normal.

Boot into dos/command mode. Look for a SYSTEM.BAK file and replace the current SYSTEM.INI file with this copy. Then reboot your system and you should be back where you started before you attempted to install the new software.

Hope this helps.
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Only reason why I recommended for you to check for hardware error was because you installed win95 twice and still causes the error message.  Hence, I thought it will not hurt you to replace RAM or CPU to check the integrity of the hardwares.
It really puzzles me because the error comes back eventhough you installed Win95 twice.  Did you formatted your hard drive and reinstalled or did you just ran Win95 on top of existing Win95? I would suggest you to do C:\fdisk /mbr before you reinstall your Win95 on top of the current Win95 OS.  Also, make sure you have enough hard drive space before you reinstall your Win95.  I recommend at least 100MB of free space.
bobengelAuthor Commented:
Before reading the last two comments, I had already reinstalled WIN95, but this time, in a separate directory from the original and now it starts fine.  Of course, I now need to reinstall all applications, DUN, etc. but at least no more error message.  Too late to use Howl's suggestion but Cybernerd's second posting is more helpful than his first one.  Yes, the HD is very full so things will have to be deleted to allow enough room for the WIN swapfile.  At this point, I'll continue reinstalling the applications, etc. Thanks for the help and ideas.
"reinstalled windows" prolyl means "installed on top of" in which case it imports the old settings, and the error persists. WIPE the partition if you truly want to re-install win9x.

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