Programming Array Properties

In VB you can save e.g the Text of an textbox which is an
object of a property page as a property.
Now I have the following problem.
On my property page I hav to safe a whole data array as
an property.
Is this possible? Are there other solutions for my problem?
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prem_kumar_25Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I think U can Use A Combo Box or a List box Control For that , and enter the values U want to save as the list property of those controls , So that all u'r values will be saved
_alphaAuthor Commented:
It´s a acceptable solution, but it´s not very confortable.
It should be possible to change the values at runtime,
without writing all the other names in the list- or combobox.
I will try out your tip

Yours Ingo
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