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Upgrade or not upgrade????

I am about to install an ISDN line for my internet access, I currently use a Dell 350 processor, 64 mb ram, 6 gb hd, win 98. I am considering buying a new computer with faster processor and more ram, would this improve my internet connection further???
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Changing the processor or the computer would not improve
youre internet connection. I didnĀ“t recognize a difference in
the performance in internet coonection between my
Pentium 166 64mb ram and my K6-2 450 64 mb ram.
I think you can save youre money
JGWYAuthor Commented:
Just out of interest, my girlfriend has an Hp 133mhz pc with 16 mb ram, win 95, would increasing the ram on that improve connection and overall computer speed???? I assume with win 95 the mojority of the ram is taken up by that if not all of it.

points increase to 100 for extra questions!!!!
no, not at all.  your modem matters.
but overall computer speed is affected though.
This is dependant of th e software she uses.
When I upgraded my P100 from 16 to 32 mb, I recognized
only an improofment of the speed terminating my win 95.
There where less files the computer had to swap to hard disk.

Well, increasing ram is never a mistake.

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