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Shuttetech CD-R problems in W2k

I have a Shuttle Tech CD-R Parallel Port Drive. I have this connected to my windows 2000 pro (build 2114) pc. I want to get this working, the company doesn't have any drivers for w2k on their web site, and i've tryed using the win 95, win98 and win nt4 drivers and all of them don't work. I know this is a very slow drive, however it's better than nothing and would help matters a lot.

does anyone know of where i can get some?

oh and i noticed in add new hardware that there something called 'nt apm/nt legacy device' whats this?

please help!
1 Solution
There no possibility that the Win9x drivers for this thing will work but the NT 4.0 drivers should have a reasonable chance.  The parallel port needs to be configured in a compatible way and I'd start with setting it up as the standard LPT port instead of EPP or ECP modes to begin with.
Check the hardware compatibility list.
If its not up there yet it will be in the final release. So many tries so hard to get things to work when the actual release is just around the corner. Even if yu do get it to work with the above sollution it might not run as you like and you end up with ten new problems.
There is one sollution to your problem and thats to make your own drivers or to wait until the company makes them for you. If you still want to use the NT4 drivers a tip is to check the registry keys on a NT4 machine wich have the device installed and try to edit the ones in W2k to match those. The main thing with drivers for NT4 that wont run in W2k is that the registry doesnt really work the same i.e have the exact same names of keys and stuff. If you should get into fibbeling with this you migh be able to have it to work properly be the time new drivers can be downloaded so why bother ?
Good luck though...

the Shuttle drivers for 2000 will be released when win 2000 final will be released (Feb. 2000, hopefully).
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simonprrAuthor Commented:
i've aleardy tried all that.
simonprrAuthor Commented:

do you know that for sure? or are you just guessing?
The only software that i have been able to get for windows 2000 to enable my CD-RW to work, is the latest version of golden hawks, CDR-Win, which has its own ASPI drivers.  The software is avaliable to download from http://www.goldenhawk.com and is fully featured but until registered will only record at single speed.  Give it a try as it was the only software that i have got to work with windows 2000, as yet.
The aspi drivers provided with W2K don't function, or at least don't work with most CDR/W drives.  You need to download the aspi drivers from Adaptec.  The drivers can be downloaded from ftp://ftp.adaptec.com/pub/BBS/winnt/aspi32.exe

and there is a utility to tell you if aspi is installed correctly on your system which is available at ftp://ftp.adaptec.com/pub/BBS/win95/aspichk.exe

If you have a cdr/w program installed, you may need to reinstall it once the aspi drivers are installed properly.

This is a common problem with W2K and I've done this fix myself.
I'm not guessing.
I was looking for an drivers for my SparQ (which uses Shuttle's chip), and the support team told me that the drivers will be released along with the release of win2k.

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