XConfigurator working with ATI AGP Graphics Card

I have installed RedHat 6.0 on my PC which is dual booting with Windows.
Although the install is OK, I am having problems with the Video setup using XConfigurator.
My monitor is listed (AOC 7V Series) but have a problem with the graphics card. I have an ATI Rage 128 Xpert 16MB AGP 2X card.
Although there are a lot of ATI cards listed, none of them match my card exactly. I have tried using different ones without success. I have tried using "Unlisted card", "VGA16" and that hasn't worked either. Probing doesn't help either.
I would also like to know what resolutions I should select for 8-bit, 16-bit and 24-bit.
At the moment although Linux is installed I cannot "startx" and see anything!
Any help to complete this installation would be appreciated.
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Currently, only SUSE distribution have the RAGE128 server. You can however download the server from them and use it with RH.
As far as I understand, oficially XFree doesn't
support RAGE128, but SUSE developing servers by themselves and the donate it to XFree or smth. So eventually it will soon be i other distributions as well, but for now you have to take it from there.

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Hi, it's me again.
The server is here (look for RAGE128):

Then look for instalation tips:
The even have directions and new XF86Setup
program for non-SuSe users. The installation should be peace of cake, just follow their instructions.

Good luck
wobblesAuthor Commented:

Thanks alot for your help on this.
I have downloaded this server from SuSe and it has worked straightaway!

Thanks again

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