Problem with the installable file

I have the .exe installable file generated with VB 6.0.
When i execute the .exe file, two errors occurs in two files:
Error to share this file:
Error to register this file:

Anybody can help me?
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mcriderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SHDOCVW.DLL is part of IE and the WebBrowser control and is different for each version of Internet Explorer (IE3, IE4, & IE5) SHDOCVW.DLL for IE3 will not work if you have VB4 or VB5 installed... the same is true with all the permutations of the releases of SHDOCVW.DLL

It must be a licensed install, otherwise, DON'T include it in your setup, and require the user to have IE installed. See:

HOWTO: Distribute the WebBrowser Control 

As for EXPSRV.DLL...

FIX: An Error Occurs While Registering the File Expsrv.dll 
When you say you have the .exe installable file, do you mean that you have just the .exe file or do you mean that you have access to the installation package?

This is really quite important as VB does not include all the functions it requires within the executable. In order to install an application on a computer which does not have visual basic installed, it is necessary to package the application either using the supplied package and deployment wizard, or a third party installation tool such as Wise or Installshield. The problems you are describing are that certain dll's have not been installed on the target machine. These will normally be installed in the installation process. If you have a full installation package and are still getting problems then the most likely scenario is that the files you require are not correctly added to the package.

familineAuthor Commented:
Glad I could help... Thanks for the points!

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