Can't split() from %Hash element

Have a hash table with tab delimited elements. 'split()' won't break out the tokens of the hash element. Short of moving the hash element to a scalar before the split, is there anyway to access the tokens directly from the hash element?

$Presidents{"Nixon"} = "Pat\tTricia";
($Wife,$Daughter) = split("\t",$Presidents{"Nixon"});

This does not work. The scalars remain undefined.
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Change this line:
%Presidents{"Nixon"} = "Pat\tTricia";


$Presidents{"Nixon"} = "Pat\tTricia";
snazzyragsAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
snazzyragsAuthor Commented:
Sorry, the first line was in error. However, the problem is in the second line. The content of the hash was intact, but cannot split it out.
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The second line should work.  How did you determine that it wasn't working?

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($Wife,$Daughter) = split(/\t/,$Presidents{"Nixon"});
snazzyragsAuthor Commented:
You are correct - there was nothing wrong wiht the sample code I provided in the question. I should have tried it out - I would have answered my own question. The sample code was a paraphrase of the real code which was a very long hash value from a spreadsheet (of several columns). Problem was that I had left out one column definition, which shifted my variables into empty cells - therefore, undefined. When I printed the values in a debug statement, they were, naturally, undefined. Hence, my assumption that the code was not working. Thanks, for the simple, but definitive answer. It was your short, no-nonsense unquestionable response that made me review the code and find the problem. Thanks, Doug.
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