DCU reversing.

I read at 'developers.href.com' while searching under Delphi decompilers, that reversing a DCU was relativley easy. Has anyone
any idea's on how this is done ?.

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Hi Paul,

do you mean to get back the source code? If yes then you must have gotten something wrong. One can at best get back assembler code which isn't particularly usefull from DCUs. Sorry to say that, but this is all about it...

Ciao, Mike
I looked there too, and they don't say that it's easy to reverse engineer from a DCU, but that with a DCU a lot of the public details can be gotten.  The best answer I saw there was given by Ray Lischner (Hidden Paths), and he said just take any DCU, put it into an empty project, and compile the project with symbol info on.  Then use the object browser, and you can get information about the public objects.

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What About Disassembling DCU what is the Start Offset if it is possiple..

Else how would u recommend Decompiling a single Procedure/Function to see how Delphi Assembled it and to see if any ways to Optimize it.

it aint't easy. Not to mention that any algorythm you come up with that does it, will be invalid for any other version of Delphi other than the one you first targeted. This is so because DCUs are version-specific and their formats change (considerably I may say) from version to version.

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