opening a file problem

i try to open a file in a perl script and this works...
open FILE,'<correct.txt' or die "can't open correct.txt because $!";

however when i pass the scipt the value 1.txt as a QUERY_STRING
like this
<a href="http://....cgi-bin/test.cgi?1.txt>click here</a>

and try....
open FILE,'</data/local/apache/htdocs/answers/$ENV{QUERY_STRING}' or die "can't
open /data/local/apache/htdocs/answers/$ENV{QUERY_STRING} because $!";

it wont work!!!
the error it reports is

can't open /data/local/apache/htdocs/answers/291119991.txt because No such file
 or directory at /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/test.cgi line 46, <FILE> chunk 1

but the file is there and i have done chmod correctly (as far as i know)

can anyone help?
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# Change your href to say ?file=1.txt

my $querystr = $ENV{"QUERY_STRING"};
my @queries = split (/&/, $querystr);

for (my $query=0; $query <= $#queries; $query++)
  my ($name, $value) = split (/=/, $queries[$query]);
  $querystring{$name} = $value;

open infile, "<$querystring{'file'}";
  @lines = <infile>;
  print @lines;
close infile;

# Try that

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The problem is possibly that your QUERY_STRING likely has a trailing newline, if you do a "chomp $ENV{QUERY_STRING}" prior to trying to use the variable it should work...

open FILE,'</data/local/apache/htdocs/answers/$ENV{QUERY_STRING}' or die "can't
open /data/local/apache/htdocs/answers/$ENV{QUERY_STRING} because $!";

....or optionally what binkzz said should work too.
Rocca - Seeing you're not vey customed to Experts Exchange you might want to read the rules first.

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Besides that, prematurely answering will take the question away from other experts to have a look at as it's status will be locked.
paddytsrAuthor Commented:
binkzz got there first
hes right about locking up questions with answers too
thanks binkzz
Binkzz - thanks.
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