Attaching older SCSI CDROM to newer IBM machine

I have an old cdrom drive that I want to connect to my computer so I can copy a cd to a cd (i have a adapti cdrw already built in)  and when I opened up my machine I was disapointed when I found that it has the power outlet, but the datacable that is built in has about a two/thirds of the pinholes I need to properly attach the scsi cdrom.  Is it possible w/o investing too much money to get this to work properly?

Any help is appreicated!

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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have the wrong cable.  Either your computer doesn't have SCSI or you haven't found the right cable.  Here are the commonly found cables and their pin counts:

SCSI-WIDE: 68 pins
SCSI: 50 pins
IDE: 40 pins
Floppy: 34 pins
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