Linker Error

Hey, Im having an application, which while compiling and linking, is giving the error message "Fix Overflow at .... , target = _... in module ....", I tried to change the allocation of the two dimensional array declarations to be dynamic. But still Im having the same problem. In my application i have large number of single dimensional arrays, and typedef declarations, and structures. This application is completely DOS based.
Im using the BorlandC++3.1 compiler.
Please let me know how should i overcome this problem, so that i will be able to overcome this linker error, and i can execute the application successfully.
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Specify a larger stack size option and/or specify a different memory model(large/medium).

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Better yet, switch to a 32 bit compiler.
seems your data exceeds 64k ...
I remember these days of 16-bit programming with BC ...
I think if you take the biggest model (huge or something like that) then you can use 64k of data per module.
If you need more then alloc it dynamically.
Split your data in several modules.

hope this helps ...
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