interpreter for Borland C++ v.4.53

I was wondering, I am new to C, specially with C++, but first I want to know more about C. Is there a C interpreter???
I have found something what looks like it, but doesnt realy work. It's called "CINT C++ interpreter".
Anybody?? I work with Borland C++ version 4.53
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only C/C++ interpreter I've ever seen is CINT from:

while it's not Borland C++ specific, it's really an amazing tool when you consider the difficulty of interpreting a complex language like C++.

For learning situations like yours, I think you'll find it an adequate solution.
Normally, C/C++ is NOT interpreted - it is compiled to machine code which the CPU then executes (with some help from the OS).

Depending on the machine & program being compiled, the compilation/link process can be very long (overnight in some cases).

Obviously this doesn't make for very productive bug hunting, since this involves repeatedly compiling & linking the program.

The CINT program is designed to reduce the length of the edit/compile/link/debug/edit cycle by interpreting the C/C++ program, thus making for faster development.

Unless you are finding the compilation process too long, you don't need this interpreter.
dstolleAuthor Commented:
Well I know C is not interpreted, but isnt there any tools. Pascal has an interpreter tool, although it is a compiled programming language. An interpreter tool to guard your coding...
So CINT, isnt wurth using?? Sorry for my unknowledgement, but I need to ask dumb questions to make my self clear..
If your applications are 'small', which i suspect, and compile time is less then a few seconds I wouldn't switch. I wonder if such an interpreter would do the same 'compile' time checking a real compiler performs. If it does not, it will miss common errors which are usually detected at compile time and even increase development time. If it does, it will not really faster in 'compiling'.
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