Changing Screen Resolution

After Linux is Installed how do I change screen resolution.  Do I need to be logged in under something other than root?
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sirwnstnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
s_turner99 is correct if you have not correctly set the resolutions in the XF86Config file.

After you have used Xconfigurator or XF86Setup to configure your settings, if you have chosen more than one resolution, you can cycle through the resolutions when logged in as any user by pressing <ctrl> <alt> + or -.
(This info. from "EatEmAndSmile")

Login as root.  Use command Xconfigurator if it's RedHat, or XF86Setup if it's another distribution.
for the text mode you need to use the frame buffer system if your card support it
but i mean that you want do it for X-window ?
here you can also , after the configuration, edit the /etc/XF86CONFIG an comment out the lines that refers the modes that don't want
Milo5255Author Commented:
ctrl alt + was a great suggestion.
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