VB and Rumba

How do I communicate with a stand alone Rumba session that is already running. I know how to talk to a Rumba control that is
embeded in VB, but I need to get text from a Rumba session that has been started outside of VB.
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h0h0h0Connect With a Mentor Commented:
apologies for the HTML Formatting, didn't know it would format it for me..
I feel your pain sir ;).

External Rumba Sessions have a Session Name, A-Z, and you will need to attach to that session name (That session name is set manually inside the Rumba Session File).  Use the ehll(api) .dll for this.
WallData provides these libraries, and you should have them already installed.
Declare the following Functions (Peek at yer doco for the parameters and thier use, you may also want to write a wrapper around these functions)
this connects you to the process space, which is what the Rumba session is called.<br>
For your Timings<br>
WD_SendKey, WD_SetCursor, WD_CopyPSToString, WD_CopyStringtoPS<br> All to talk back and forth from VB to the rumba screen.  Kinda hokey IMO..


me thinks the .dll name is ehlapi32.dll (on Win32 systems), which is what i hope youre using.. on 16-bit systems there is also an API in eehlapi.dll


Yikes!  More Screen Scraping? ;( sorry dude

What's a rumba control.
Sorry for ignorance?
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jfleminAuthor Commented:
I think that this answer is on the right track, but can you give me a little more detail on how to do this?

Are these API's?

WD_CopyPSToString                                    WD_CopyStringtoPS

If so, where can I get the parameters for the functions?

Can you give me details on how to call in to the session to screen scape the information that I need?

I'm willing to give more points, but I'm in the process of building them up.

I'm using the 32-bit version.

Thanks for your help.
jfleminAuthor Commented:
h0h0h0 please answer this. I want to give the 250 points to you.
You got me on the right track. I have some examples of the 16-bit version API calls, and changed the Lib to "EHLAPI32.DLL". The only parameter that I can't figure out is the position. It wants the row an column in one integer field. Any ideas?

Thanks for your help !!!
jfleminAuthor Commented:

I copied this from Rumba help.

RUMBA OFFICE 95/NT gives you the power to connect to resources wherever they may reside on your company’s computer system. You use your familiar PC user interface to access the following hosts:
      IBM Mainframes
      IBM AS/400s
      Digital VAX systems
      UNIX systems
      HP3000/9000 systems and UNIX systems supporting HP terminal types
No matter where you are in the system, no matter how you’re connected to the network, RUMBA software gives you easy access to your host computer and host applications.

Are you still banging away at that integer position?  I might have a handle on it . . .

jfleminAuthor Commented:
Are you talking about the SendKey? If so, yes. I never got it to work. I declared it as follows:

Private Declare Function WD_Sendkey Lib "EhlApi32.dll" (ByVal hInstance As Integer, ByVal KeyData As String) As Integer

If I call the function I get an error message "Can't find DLL entry point WD_Sendkey in EhlApi32.dll"

All of the other functions work fine, but this one is giving me problems.
Ooops, I was on the wrong track.  If I post a question, will you be kind enough to post your declarations?  Particularly for WD_CopyPSToString, WD_CopyStringtoPS?  I'm trying to replace some DDE calls with ehlapi and frankly, don't know quite what I'm doing.

jfleminAuthor Commented:
Just let me know what your question title is.
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