Screen display problem in win98 dual monitor setup

I have just installed 2 new video cards - 1 AGP 8MB , 1 PCI 4MB into my machine running win98. I have had the dual monitor set up for sometime & no probs under old cards - but since installing these new uns - there is a nasty ghosting/shadow on both monitors. It's starting to make my eyes cross a bit. I've installed both drivers correctly (I think) and both monitors are listed correctly...can't figure out this display prob as it happens on both monitors (2 diff cards) can't be isolated to a specific piece of hardware or driver...or can it? The dual monitor feature of win98 seems rather under documented/supported. It's so useful tho. Anyway - I just want my display to look normal again. Any tips?
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swestonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds like interference between the two video signals.  First make sure that the two video cables are not wrapped around each other.  Second, move the PCI card into another slot away from the first card and away from other cards.
What happens if you remove each card, in turn, and just have one card displaying stuff?
yungAuthor Commented:
Yeppers - that was it. Thanks!
Was it moving the card or untangling the video cables?
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