Dual Boot Win 98/2000 - Hanging

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Hi y'all

Wanted to install Windows 2000 Beta 3 in a dual boot with Windows 98.

Took a few hours to finish setup and first startup was (rather) OK.

Now, from 2nd try on did never manage to get past the 'Verifying Network Connections' Message where the startup hangs for 30 minutes without continuing. Have to reboot and start in 98.

When trying to dial network server (after 2000 startup failure), the modem is not recognized, and I have to redefine a com 5 port for the modem to work, after which everything works fine.

I just looked at 2000 setup instructions again, and saw 2000 had to be installed on another partition for a succesfull dual boot, which I don't have (the 2nd partition).

When trying to uninstall 2000, there is nothing available to do this.

Both OS are on the c: drive under respectively c:\Windows and c:\Winnt.

I'm thinking of making backups of Windows 98, and reformatting the c-drive, and create a new partition, re-install everything.

Can I perform the installation from the back-up disks without the original CD-rom (the CD I have is from an older version of 98) by using the cab-directory??

Any tips on this subject are welcome.

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Geert, unfortunately no you can't "unless" those cabs were copied directly from the Win98 CD. You can get most of what you need to bring Win98 to currency by visiting the Microsoft Corporate Website rather than using Windows Update, if that would be more convenient to you.

In all honesty, I'm not sure that I would trust the win98 install at this point unless it was a complete backup performed prior to Win2000. Both Win98 and NT2000 both use a migration DLL when they install, and is extremely likely that some files were migrated. You will find on some PC's that the users have made it work (so they say) but hundreds of similar tests have been run around the US and none have ended anywhere but failure eventually.

If you need more, let me know.

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calacucciaAuthor Commented:
Hi Dennis,

I'll give some more information. The computer is just 2 weeks old, and the first installation of Win98 was performed by the store where it was bought. I just gave them my Win98 registration number and they installed the latest version. The installation of Win2000 was done by myself a few days later.

Now, what I understand from your comment, is that the cab directory is used by both the Win98 and Win2000 migration dll, so that the actual existing cab is probably a mix-up of both systems, and is unusable to perform new installations from scratch.

The back-up file of Win98 is yet to be created, but I must mention Win98 seems to be working fine. (Though I have a lot of Excel breakdown when running and editing macros). From your comments again, I understand it's preferable not to use a back-up to re-install the thing, once again because of migrated files.

Resuming your answer, I see only two reliable options remaining:
A) reformat the drive, partition it for dual-boot and start by run the setup from scratch with my existing Win98 CD-rom, followed by a upgrade from the MS Website, then use 2nd partition to install Windows 2000 beta 3

B) Delete the Winnt directory (containing Win2000) and readjust Win98 by the help of the MS Corporate Website. I dislike this option because I really would like to partition this huge drive anyway (13,5 GB), a.o. to test Win2000 Beta 3. The latter of course is only valuable if I can't repartition the drive without reformatting it, I read somewhere that it is possible with Partition Magic or Manager or something.

Thanks for additional info and taking this reformat into consideration a few days before performing it anyway.

Bye, Geert

Geert, go with "A"!
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calacucciaAuthor Commented:
And you get an "A", Dennis

Thanks for input and advise.

Well geert, this was a freebie though wasn't it!
calacucciaAuthor Commented:
Dennis, check my new question (Points for Dennis- 50 points), I tried to adjust points to 50 put browser didn't accept accepting an answer and adjust points at the same time.

Just kidding Geert!
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