Help file location different than default installation directory

I have an application that stores the help file and other supporting stuff in "c:\program files\MyApp\help\MuApp.hlp" as defined in Project|Options.  The problem is, when users install the program to something other than the default location, my application can't find the help file.  And an ugly window pops up forcing the user to either find the help file themselves or forget about using the help.  Many of my users are not especially computer literate, so I'd like to avoid this.  A few users are highly computer literate so I don't want to take out the option of installing to somewhere other than the default location.

So, the question is: How can I program my application to look for the help file in a "/help" directory off of the directory where the application is installed?

BTW thanks to all the EE experts who helped me get the application this far...
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Like this:

Application.HelpFile := ExtractFilePath(Application.ExeName) + '\Help\MyHelp.hlp';

(Put this in the DPR line after you initialise the Applicatiuon object...)



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Actually, you could even try:

Application.HelpFile := 'help\myhelp.hlp\';


prsteinAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much! I knew there had to be a (relatively) simple solution.

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