Resizing Images for printing?

I have scanned a number of photographs and after editing they are all a little bit different in their print size or dimensions.
I have to put each photo into a small frame (2.5"W by 3.5"D). I have tried to set the "Print Size" to these dimensions but of course it automatically resizes the image to keep the aspect ratio.
Most of the images are about 2"W by 5"D.
Can someone please help me with an answer (if it is possible).
P.S. I do want to maintain the aspect ratio as well.
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KimdaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
when resizeing the image, you have a check box called: "Constrain Proportions" uncheck this, then you will be able to change the aspect ratio of the picture.

If you ONLY want to change the print size, then uncheck "Resample Image".

you will only resize the printed image then

(which you btw can easily check by clicking the "DOC" field. in the bottown left hand side of your screen)
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