Default mail client not properly installed.

At web sites that have links for sending e-mail to the web site owner, when I click on the e-mail link a message window appears that says, “default mail client is not properly installed.”
      In Win 98 my only web browser (IE 4.0 with IE 4.01 SP2) has lost its software connection to my only e-mail program (Outlook Express).
      In Internet Explorer – View – Internet Options – Programs – Messaging Mail: the drop-down-menu has NO entries and will not let me type in an entry.
      On the desktop R – click on the IE icon and click the Programs tab: the drop-down lists for Mail and News are blank and will not let me type in an entry.
In Outlook Express – Tools – Options – General Tab – the fifth option is: Make Outlook Express my default e-mail program.  I put a check mark in that option box and click OK.  When I return to that same option box, the check mark is NOT there.
      How can I make Outlook Express the default mail client ???

      Question 10186742 by B. Farajian on July 24,1999 is similar to mine.  He says that he found a solution in Eric Miller’s Tips: “register” OE as the default mailer.  But where are Eric Miller’s Tips?
      The suggestion to uninstall and reinstall IE has also been offered to me, however, IE is not in my Add/Remove as a program that can be uninstalled.  IE 4.01 SP2 is in the list.  We’ve all heard Bill Gates say that IE is an integral part of WIN 98 so perhaps it can not be uninstalled.  Can we uninstall IE from WIN 98?
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Patricia Siu-Lai HoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
r4d4, Nice to hear it solved.
You may select the comment and award to points.   pslh
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Perhaps you have not yet set-up the Outlook Express properly for entering an email account.
E.g. email account name and address, email incoming (POP3) and email outgoing (SMTP).
You may try following methods to build a default email client using Outlook Express, which is configured to be the default email program.

At the desktop, click the email set-up icon.
Alternatively, go to the control panel and click the mail icon.
An Internet Connection Wizard will pop up asking the email name, account, incoming email (POP3) and outgoing email (SMTP). Follow the instruction.

Once the default email account has been set up, you may open OE to the Tools-Account, Mail Tab, select the default DUN for connecting to your default email address. Click [properties], configured the contents within the properties page.

Once finished, you IE4 will show OE being your email program.
You can then send out email.

Let me know if you have any queries and your testing result.      Pslh
you can remove and reinstall the IE4 service pack 2(sp2). Also oftne just clicking on okay does not apply the change. Yes, I now it is supposed too but this is teh real world and Windows does not always behave. Try clikcing a pply then okay.
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If you run IE4 setup again, it should give you the option to add/remove components.  Remove OE, then run setup again and re-install OE.
its not that hard, go into OE, and set your account as default
-tools, accounts, select account and make default
jeez a tough one =0)
try it once
r4d4Author Commented:
Pslh, Barn Owl, BChew: Thanks for your quick replies.  I should have said in my question that my OE works fine by itself.  I have no problems with any of the e-mail functions.  The problem is that Internet Explorer 4 can not find OE as the default e-mail program.  As Pslh suggested, I checked all the options in IE and OE and they seem correct.  Also, I tried Barn Owl’s suggestion to click Apply and then click OK in OE/tools/options/general tab/then check the option box: Make Outlook Express my default e-mail program.  But, when I return to that same location, the check mark is NOT in the option box.  Finally, all the drop-down lists (described in my original question) that are supposed to have the name of the installed e-mail program are still blank.  … Unless you have some other suggestions, I guess I’ll remove and re-install OE as per Bchew.
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
r4d4, Have you tried my suggestion re-build the connection between IE4 and OE by the Internet connect wizard? Due to the connection is operated under the control of the activeX component, you may need to rebuild it, in case it has never set it up before or it has been corrupted.       pslh
r4d4Author Commented:
Pslh, Barn Owl, bchew, sLeEpy:  Success!!  Removing and re-installing OE restored OE as the default e-mail program for IE.  Thanks folks!!  Happy Holidays!!
I found a quicker fix:

This is what fixed my issue with full version of Outlook not opening when clicking on an EMAIL link on any web page:

The Registry Entry as noted from another member:

The "MailTo" class was not listed on a client's pc, so it would continue to get the "Default Mail Client is Not Listed. It was on my system, so I select the MailTo class on my pc, exported it, then imported it to the pc with the issue.

Client pc has been fixed.

I would guess this fix should work as well for Outlook Express if the MailTo class in the registry is missing.
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