ODBC connectivity in Outlook forms

I am trying to develop a kind of workflow automation application using outlook. I want to achieve database connectivity in that application and also write events for the controls I create in the form.Is it possible in Outlook97 or outlook2000?
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PstryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, it is. As of controls' events: if you have button named 'Button1', Button1_Click() is the name of function which handles the click. So:
Sub Button1_Click()
  msgbox "Button1 Pressed
End Sub

Simple database access can also be achieved:
' setting DB Engine
Set myEngine = Application.CreateObject("DAO.dbEngine.35")
' Opening Database (with asking for ODBC Driver
Set mydb = myEngine.workspaces(0).OpenDatabase("DSN", 0, 0, ODBC;")
' Opening Record Set
Set rs = mydb.OpenRecordSet("SELECT * FROM table")
' Goto next record

More details are at great (!!!) WWW Site:
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