Insert Statement in Java Sql Programming

I am new in Java ODBC-JDBC programming. hence i am facing lot of problems with the database designing and updating.
pls guide me for the following :
 How to write the Dynamic Insert statement and its processing with the existing database. If possible, explain with the code.
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your question is too general - read the JDBC tutorial first (
Hi kpooja, I assumed that you have already know how to connect to database server using Java ODBC-JDBC

if you have problem, see :

Statement stmt;
 String sql;    
 int rows;      

 sql = "INSERT INTO tCust " 
     + "(custId, custName, custAddr) "
     + "VALUES "
     + "('" + custId   + "',"
     + "('" + custName + "',"
     + "('" + custAddr + "')";

 stmt = theConn.dbConn.createStatement();
 rows = stmt.executeUpdate(sql);

A PreparedStatement is used to insert data containing QUOTES

 PreparedStatement stmt = null;
 String sql;    
 int rows;      

 try {
   sql = "INSERT INTO tCust"
         + "(custName) "
         + "VALUES "
         + "(?)";
   stmt = theConn.dbConn.prepareStatement(sql);
   stmt.setString(1, "Name with \" are permitted!");
   rows = stmt.executeUpdate();
 catch (Exception e){

taken from :
Hi kpooja,

I did n't completely understand your goal.

It is static.


 con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:yourdsn");

query = "insert into yourtable(yourname) values (?)";

pst = con.prepareStatement(query);
int i = pst.executeUpdate();

Dynamic: -

I don't know you requirement.

In dynamic, the query string may contain dynamic ? and correspondingly set statemtns for preparedStatement for thers ?.

Can you tell what exactly you require

Best of luck

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Hi kpooja,

 I did n't see setiawan  comments before answering.

I think it is clear to you know
The above comments themselves answers your question..
Please be specific with your question?
So that you can get answers..

All the Best

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From: rkruba
Date: Friday, December 03 1999 - 01:43AM PST
The above comments themselves answers your question..

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