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Is there a message sent when a process goes down ?

I would like to know when a process (any process, no specific info needed about the process goind down) is going down... Is there any message that I can recieve to detect such a event (in another process) ??

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Assuming that you're talking about windows - there's no message sent, but you could do the following to get notified when a process terminates:

DWORD   WaitForPID  (   DWORD   dwPID)
    DWORD                           dwExitCode =   0xffffffff;
    DWORD                           dwWait;

    HANDLE                          hProcess;

    //  get process handle
    hProcess    =   OpenProcess (   PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION   |   SYNCHRONIZE,

    //  could fail due to invalid PID or insufficiant privileges
    if  (   !hProcess)
            return  (   0xffffffff);

    dwWait  =   WaitForSingleObject (   hProcess,   INFINITE);

    if  (   WAIT_FAILED ==  dwWait)
            printf  (   "wait operation failed, reason == '%d'\n",
                        GetLastError    ()

            return  (   0);

    GetExitCodeProcess  (   hProcess,   &dwExitCode);

    CloseHandle (   hProcess);

    return  (   dwExitCode);

When this function returns, the process specified with its PID (process id) has terminated...
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