Sheridan 16 bit controls ?

i am woking on a project to convert a system written in vb3 using sheridan controls into vb6. However the sherridan controls are not with the source and i have about 5. I cannot load the project properly into vb6 because i do not have these ocx's.
Does anyone know were i can get the 16-bit sherridan controls that his project needs. ?


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VBGuruConnect With a Mentor Commented:
FYI. You can not use 16bit ocxs in the VB5 or vb6. It is only  supported till vb4.0.
For the sake of backword compatiblity microsoft still ships these 16 and 32 bit ocxs. You can find them on your VB cd under the UNSUPPORT folder. Just copy them to the system foledr and use regsvr32 to register the ocx and event you can find a licencing information on the CD that is required to use.
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