uninstalling linux 6.1

i have tried to install linux 6.1 and have entered almost the whole system.now i want to uninstall it.i have tried to use my windows bootup disk with fdisk to repartition the hard drive.BUT THE FDISK  program will not remove the partions that the linux program installed. is there a command in linux to uninstall the linux system? please answer as simple as you can,inlaymans terms. Thanks.
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The "delete non-dos partition" option in fdisk can't delete it? Weird!
If it's true, you can try the linux fdisk ot disk druid. Run the installation of linux again, in fdisk
or disk druid (your choice) delete the existing partitions, save the partition table and reboot to your normal dos discette.
To remove LILO, boot to the DOS disk and "fdisk /mbr" will remove the code from the Master Boot Record.
I am assuming that you mean Redhat Linux 6.1. The man pages for fdisk recommends using fdisk of the corresponding operating system to add or delete partitions. fdisk on Linux can face problems getting msdos partitions deleted and vice versa.
So I would recommend following finiks advice.
BTW, its not wierd
The above comments are correct. The full version if you are not sure what you are doing is:- If you can still boot up your linux operating system; type "fdisk" (without the quotion marks), press enter. nb if it enters X-Windows automatically when you boot up, press ctrl+alt+F2 (or F3 doesn't matter which) you will then be promted to log on again but on the command line (similar to Dos). Press m for help, from this you will find the options needed to delete partions. If you are not sure what partions to delete, pick the option to print partion table. All the ones which are listed as type 82 and 83 are the ones to delete. Follow the help/menu prompts and you must choose w to write the deleted partions to your hard disk and then reboot, choosing to start Dos. When you have started MS-Windows, select Dos Window or select restart in Dos. At the C:> type fdisk /mbr and reboot. This will give you some free disk space that you can create another drive using fdisk in Dos (u will have to issue the command format D: under Dos to use it.
  If you can't boot up linux off the hard drive, do as above, start the installation of linux again and when you come to partitions create/use part, delete the linux ones as per above. Tell it to write partion and exit. The rest is as above.

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