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How does the Replace Color item under Adjust under the Image menu work.  I am trying to replace a color with another very specific color and I am not having any luck.  I don't want to select the current color and fill it with the new color.  The selection has a pattern to it.  I'd really like to know how the Replace Color function works.  I can't see to find any help in the books that I have or in the Photoshop help menu for this.
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It works like if you had used : "select - color range" and then done a "image - adjust - hue / saturation"

the fuzzines changes the spread value of the selction..

meaning that if you had a grayscale from
0-0-0 -> 255-255-255

 fuzzines of 50 would select 25 up and 25 down from the pixel where you clicked with the eyedropper.

if you want to change a colour.. say you got a red colour..
and that is the only red colour in your image..
 i would use :
image->adjust->hus saturation
and instead of using the "MASTER" option in the top of the window
change to the name of the colour you want to change..
and the adjust the HUE..

if there arent that many colours
switch image ot indexed mode.. and then modify the colour table..

maybe ?:D

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Hi stefanie,
I've always found "replace color" to be a rather clumsy tool. Try this instead:
1) select the portion of the image (I prefer one of the lasso tools, personally). Under the Select menu choose Feather and choose a radius of 1 or 2 pixels.
2)Desaturate your selection. Then click on the foreground color picker and select the precise color you want.
3) Under Edit choose Fill. In the dialog box change the mode from Normal to Color and click OK.
4) If your new color is "too much" Undo, and do it again. This time, though, lower the Opacity in the Fill dialog box. If it is too light create a new layer for the selection. then copy that layer and change the layer mode to Multiply. sometimes more than one copy layer may be needed. And don't forget, you can always play with that layer's Opacity to get you home.

Hope this helps

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