Quieting my computer

I'd like to keep my desktop computer at home on all the time, but the noise is bothersome.

A friend told me about Silent Systems (www.silentsystems.com), who sold hard drive enclosures (fitting inside my computer's drive bay) that would dampen noise.  Unfortunately, Silent Systems was purchased by Molex.  When I called Molex, they seemed to be unwilling to sell such an enclosure to an end user, and that they have yet to figure out how to sell the Silent Systems products.

There are three things in my computer that make noise.  I rank them for my computer:

1) Power supply fan
2) Hard drive
3) CPU fans

If I could silence the power supply alone, it would make a huge difference, but #1 and #2 would be ideal.

About my computer:
-Minitower PC clone with minitower case.
-Power supply 235W  
   5.5" x 3&3/8" x 6"
   14cm x 8.5cm x 15.3cm
-Hard drive 3.5" enclosure 5,400 RPM
-Pentium II 450 Mhz (dual fan)

I have 4 fairly standard size, modern peripheral cards.
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swestonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to http://www.pcpowercooling.com/products/power_supplies/ultra_quiet/index_ultraquiet.htm

Pc Power & Cooling has been around for many years making ultra-quiet power supplies.  Their "Silencer"  power supplies can not be beat.  They also have CPU fans and enclosures.
Are you sure your Power Supply fan isn't on the fritz?  My computer is virtually silent, the only noise is from air-flow. If everything is normal with your machine, you must have really sensitive hearing.  
pellmellAuthor Commented:
Still hoping for hard drive silencing info, but the given vendor seems very good.
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