Does Perl/TK have common dialogs for open file/save file similar to VB?

I know Visual Basic has built in Common Dialog Control for an open file or save file dialog box.  Does Perl/TK have anything similar?  (In-other-words, a predefined set of dialog boxes for open file or save file.)  I am interested in something that could work on both UNIX and NT.
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prakashk021799Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Look at the widget demo program that comes with the Perl/Tk distribution (its name is, appropriately, 'widget').

Run the demo and look for the entry 'File selection sialog' under the section 'Common Dialogs'.

When you click on you will see a dialog box with some options. You will also see  a 'See Code' button, which displays the code used to display the boxes.
tlaksAuthor Commented:
prakashk's answer lead me to the information I wanted, but only after some digging.  It would have been more straight-forward to point me to the getOpenFile and getSaveFile methods.  However, these methods are used in the widget demo and it serves as a good example of using those methods.
I thought you asked for "a predefined set of dialog boxes for open file or save file".

As you said, 'getOpenFile' and 'getSaveFile' are methods used in the implementation of FileBox and FileSelect widgets (a widget is roughly equivalent of a VB control).

Since, your question asked for something like the VB common dialog control, I pointed you to the widget demo.

Anyway, I am glad that the "digging" helped you.
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